What’s A Prenup? Ask These Celebrity Couples … 

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What is a Prenup and Why Do Prenups Ruin Marriages?

A prenuptial agreement is set up between two people who claim they want to be together for the rest of time but really kinda sorta think their relationship could hit the skids later on. Makes sense considering many marriages dissolve eventually. But it basically says that the stuff you came in with — cash, money, homes, vinyl record collection, etc. — is the same you’ll leave with. And you have no claim on your partner’s stuff, either.

So if you’re a guy who routinely asks, “Why would I ever need a prenup? Also, what the hell is a prenup?” There you have it. Here is a handful of celebrity couples who went ahead and got one too, according to a bunch of tabloid websites that never, ever lie about anything …


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were married in August 2014 after being together for nine years. Their prenup agreement states that each will leave the marriage with what was brought in, meaning approximately $185 million for her and $240 million for him. Any money earned during the marriage is deposited into a trust fund for their children. She also gets primary custody of their offspring if he commits adultery. They and their six children are still together.