8 Cool Oven Mitts (That’s Right — Oven Mitts)

Whether you’re looking for novelty or hardcore hand protection, we found the right mitts for your, uh, mitts.

By Justin Krajeski

If you own an oven and don’t own concrete blocks for hands, you need to own an oven mitt. Armed with that knowledge we’ve assembled a list of cool oven mitts — yes, you read that right, cool oven mitts — that will make your life easier in the kitchen. From pig faces to Powerglove spinoffs to heavy-duty hand protection, these mitts will protect your, er, mitts. Sorry about that joke …

Boston Warehouse Oven Mitt ($8.89)
Boston Warehouse has a ridiculous selection of novelty oven mitts. Whether you want a lobster claw, a moose head, or — yes, really — a hibiscus plant, these quilted cotton, nine-inch long mitts will keep your guests entertained and keep your hands from falling off.

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