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8 Cool Oven Mitts (That’s Right — Oven Mitts)

Whether you’re looking for novelty or hardcore hand protection, we found the right mitts for your, uh, mitts.

By Justin Krajeski

oven mitts for guys trucker Tucker BurnGuard Oven Mitt ($26 @ Amazon.com)
These BurnGuard oven mitts are hardcore. How hardcore? Watch the video.

The BurnGuard offers a minimum of 450 degree-protection, with a flame- and heat-resistant Dupont Nomex outer-shell fabric that’ll keep you out of the hospital and a rockstar in the kitchen.

kogrips Silicone BBQ Gloves oven mitt for menEkogrips Silicone BBQ Gloves ($25 @ Amazon.com)
Made from silicone and boasting heat resistance for temperatures up to 425 degrees, this no-slip, waterproof design mean business. Stick your hand into boiling water, lift five roasted chickens out of five burning hot pans — doesn’t make a difference. You won’t feel a damn thing. The downside: If you get them in bright orange color there’s a chance you might singe your retinas. Careful.

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