8 Disturbing Christmas Characters

After reading about these Christmas demons, racists, trolls, and old crones we bet you’ll leave an extra cookie or two for Santa.

By Nick Nadel


Zwarte Piet, or Black Pete, is popular in Dutch culture, where evidently walking around in blackface, an afro, and painted red lips won’t earn you a roundhouse kick to the face. Filthy racism aside, Black Pete is actually a helpful fellow — he assists Sinterklaas (European Santa) in passing out gifts.

Also: Guess what? These Christmas movies aren’t really Christmas movies. Shhhh.

If you’re wondering why Black Pete has such a racist look, so were we! Some legends say he was a chimney sweep who was covered in soot, while children’s author Jan Schenkman published a book in 1850 (“Saint Nicholas and His Servant”) that straight up showed Santa with a black page boy servant by his side.

Not surprisingly, the character pisses lots of people off, and sparks protests calling for Pete’s retirement.


Belsnickel made an appearance in Season 9 of The Office, where Dwight Schrute dressed the part and whipped co-worker Jim. It’s funnier than we described, we swear.

Also: The Office and other shows that should have ended sooner.

Anyway, Belsnickel is an impatient dick who dresses like a hobo who just skinned a woolly mammoth. Because of this, we’re guessing he’s also a virgin. His gimmick: He knocks on houses and demands that children answer a question or sing a song. He’ll then toss them candies, but they better not jump for them too fast lest they yearn for the business end of his switch.

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