6 Facebook Dating Rules for Men

If you learn the social networking dating rules, you’ll experience fewer defriendings and more pokes.

By Sharalyn Hartwell

Facebook dating can be a great way to meet women. It can also be a great way to utterly destroy any chance you might have had with a woman.

That’s why there are several rules you must follow to make sure you’re not e-sabotaging your relationships. For instance, if your signature romantic gesture involves Farmville, you are not following the rules.

Remember these Facebook dating tips, however, and we guarantee you’ll experience fewer defriendings and more pokes.

Also: The scientifically-proven way to score a second date.

There are plenty of creepy dudes perusing Facebook pictures and sending friend requests to hot girls. Don’t be one of them. If you send a friend request before you’ve had a conversation or introduction, she will be weirded out. If your date is a set-up, don’t friend her before you meet. And if you met her when you were out one night, make sure she actually gave you her last name before you send a friend request. A good rule of thumb: If you have her phone number, you can be her Facebook friend.

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