Dress Like This Guy: James Bond

As Skyfall hits theaters, we have a few suggestions for how to dress like 007 without spending sky-high amounts of money.

By Lauren Finney

James Bond

James Bond is known for doing a lot of things well: Shooting evildoers, driving fast, blowing shit up, going to bed with impossibly hot women within moments of meeting them. He’ll no doubt do more of that in Skyfall — just as he’ll no doubt continue dressing extremely well, as he has for the past 50 years. Sure, he’s had some missteps — remember Sean Connery’s baby-blue terrycloth jumper in Goldfinger? — but overall, his fashion sense puts most guys to shame.

So we’re going to give you a few suggestions for how to dress like Bond. And no, they’re not going to all be super-expensive options you need to a fat British government paycheck in order to be able to afford. (Wait …) Instead, we’ll give you options.

Dress Like James Bond

Sean Connery | Dr. No

The grey checked suit, commonly known as the Prince of Wales check or Glen Urquart plaid, has been popular with pretty much every incarnation of Bond — starting 50 years ago with Sean Connery in the first Bond movie, Dr. No. In other words, a grey suit is pretty timeless. The grey is typically woolen and has different-sized checks that combine to form a houndstooth pattern. The suit has the right mix of formality and insouciance — that means that you look good, but you don’t look like you care that you look good — to be worn to the office and to the bar. Just don’t spill any Vespers on it.

More Affordable: DKNY Grey Sharkskin Slim Fit Suit, $650
Higher End: Hickey-Freeman B-Series Wool Suit, $1,795

James Bond V-Neck

Sean Connery | Goldfinger

Ah, cashmere! At least, that’s how women seem to react whenever the cashmere is even mentioned. So having it on your body is never a bad idea — and a cashmere V-neck sweater isn’t as dweeby as you think. In fact, it isn’t dweeby at all. Sure, you can wear it with a button-down and repp tie — that’s the name for those silk ties with the diagonal stripes that look great, but are also associated with self-satisfied Ivy leaguers — and really go to preptown. But you can also do one like Bond and make it a casual-cool option for weekend and work. (That’s a golf shirt underneath his sweater.) To take it to the weekend, pair it with dark denim and a simple loafer.

More Affordable: Lands’ End Men’s Regular Cashmere V-Neck Sweater, $79
Higher End: Vince Long Sleeve V-Neck, $285

James Bond Aviator Sunglasses

Daniel Craig | Quantum of Solace

Wearing aviators is an instant confidence upgrade — but remember to stay away from the mirrored Maverick shades, because those will have girls reaching for the Douchebag Jar. (Never mind what that is, just trust me.) Pretty much any face shape can wear aviators, since aviators come in different shapes: If you have a round face, wear squarer aviators. If you have an angular face, wear rounder ones. And if your face is a heart shape (oh you delicate thing, you!), try an aviator style where the bottom is wider than the top to help balance out your facial features.

More Affordable: Warby Parker Cromwell, $95
Higher End: Tom Ford Marko Polarized Aviator Sunglasses, $465

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