You Can Drink Beer To Fight Off Colds!

If you’re called out for ripping one too many beer bongs at your office holiday party this year, simply explain to your boss and coworkers — without slurring, if possible — that it’s part of your winter strategy for staying healthy. A new study has determined that humulone, a chemical compound in hops (a key ingredient in beer), helps combat a virus that causes pneumonia and bronchitis in infants, and suppresses the sniffles in adults.

The catch? If you want to reap humulone’s rewards from beer, you need to fully dedicate yourself to the cause. Beer contains such a meager amount of humulone that you’d need to consume thirty 12 oz. cans to tap into its virus-fighting abilities. And since babies can’t drink beer — we blame Obamacare — scientists are trying to figure out a better (and legal-er) method for kids to consume humulone. Might we suggest light beer?