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8 Stars Who Got Their Start In Horror Flicks

Remember Jennifer Aniston in 1993’s Leprechaun? Probably not, but it helped her break into the movie industry. These other 7 stars got their start in horror movies, too.

city of fear

9 Directors Who Hate, Hate, Hated Their Own Films

Ever watch a barely watchable movie and ask yourself if the director knew the film was a dud? If the name Alan Smithee was given directorial credit, the answer is a definitive yes.

kevin mcallister update

Kevin McCallister Update: He’s Doing Juuuuuuuust Fine

Ever wonder what happened to Kevin McCallister, the kid Macaulay Culkin played in 1990’s Home Alone? If you guessed that he became a weirdo killer who opted out of showers, shaves, and haircuts, you’re right!