The Most Famous Toilets In Movie History

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Even if a movie isn’t the kind to have a lot of bathroom humor, it may still may very well feature a scene shot in a bathroom. After all, people spend a fair amount of time there, and they work especially well for fight scenes in action movies because there’s lots of stuff to break and blood looks terrific on white tile. Think about it for a minute, and we’ll bet that you can come up with a few great scenes in movies that feature the facilities — and we’ll bet some match up with our favorites. But if we missed any, let us know in the comments.

Tyrannosaurus Rex obviously doesn’t see the “Occupied” sign when, in a fit of genetically engineered rage, he forces his gigantic head into an outhouse, thereby destroying it. This kind of ruins the hiding place chosen by a cowardly lawyer (is there any other kind? Heyo!), who has taken refuge on the can. Rex then has himself a snack on the toilet, but fails to wash his hands afterwards. Gross — but in his defense, washing those hands must be a real pain due to his preposterously short arms.