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15 Sexy, Weird, And 100% ‘Merican Uses Of The American Flag [Photo Gallery]

Come for the Flag Day history brief, stay for the photos of hot women, clueless morons, and more hot women wearing or posing with Old Glory.

By ModernMan Editors

Mr. America: Flag Day

#1. Back in 2003, before the whole Hulk Hogan bones his friend’s wife scandal, there was a pro wrestling storyline that involved Hogan going incognito in patriotic garb to … well, who knows why. WWE storylines have hit the turd pile since the end of the Attitude Era of the late 1990s. What matters here is that Hogan is a real American and fights for the rights of every man. He is a real American, he fights for what’s right, he fights for your life! At least that’s what his entrance music claims.