12 Sexy, Weird, Or Funny Photos Featuring The American Flag

Come for the Flag Day history brief, stay for the photos of hot women, clueless morons, and more hot women wearing or posing with Old Glory.

By ModernMan Editors

Flag Day: Patriotic Tattoo

Had he not gotten the tattoo in prison for evading taxes, we’d say this dude is an ultra patriot. We’re only kidding. He was locked up for riding his tractor under the speed limit on the freeway.

Flag Day: Jordans

Who can even concentrate on the flag with that gorgeous pair of … Air Jordan VIIs in the photo. Boy oh boy would we love to sniff and snuggle those puppies.

Flag Day: Hot

Hmm … Do you think her hair is covering an eye patch? If so, we at least hope it’s red, white, and blue.

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