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9 Funny Commercials For Bad Products

We’d probably be better off if these awful products didn’t exist. But their unintentionally hilarious commercials have made the world a much better place.

By Kevin Koenig

#2. KUSH SUPPORT | 2009
We know this commercial is meant for women, but for some reason we’re transfixed by it. Perhaps it’s the background music, which we’re pretty sure we first heard while playing the 8-bit version of Castlevania. Then again, maybe it’s all the boobs. It’s a cosmic mystery!

#3. WUNDER BONER |1994
If you’ve ever scaled and gutted a fish with your bare hands, you know it’s a disgusting job. But where the fellas behind the fish-deboning Wunder Boner screwed up was naming it the Wunder Boner. Sure, it works on an ironical level and is hilarious when seen on TV at 2am while totally stoned, but something tells us that isn’t a big selling point amongst the freshwater-fishing crowd. Oh, and bonus points if you recognized the announcer’s voice — it’s Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs and Deadliest Catch.

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