You Probably Shouldn’t Waste Your Cash On These Sex Toys

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If you're looking to increase your sexual pleasure and are turning to toys, sprays, rings, and wands to do so, use these reviews as words of caution... ky duration funny

K-Y Duration Male Genital Desensitizer Spray ($20)

- I wouldn't recommend it. Unless you want a numb mouth and throat - This stuff LITERALLY TOOK MY NAIL POLISH OFF. I should have listened to my boyfriend when he said it kind of hurt to use. NOT SAFE for skin. - Awesome product. I used it as directed. Lasted extra 3 seconds. What can I say every second counts. erection enhncer

Master Series Annex Erection Enhancer T-style Divider ($13)

- Enjoy this item, had to remove the ball divider loop to be able to get my massive balls in. Found that a little lube made my sack settle in better, tight fit but oh so fun!