You Probably Shouldn’t Waste Your Cash On These Sex Toys

funny amazon sex toy reviews

Kasai Aura Electrical Wand Massager, Compact and Travel-Friendly ($30)

How do I love thee, let me count the ways…seriously though for the size this thing packs a punch! It reminds me of a smaller version of a magic wand as far as type but it isn’t nearly as big or as intimidating. It has a long battery life, I’ve used it at least every other night since I got it for about 10-20 minutes give or take (this thing gets you there quick) and still haven’t had to recharge it. The only two things I’d change/improve would be the buttons, they light up red when on but it would be nice if the buttons were a bit more distinguishable by touch. The 2nd thing is that while it’s not insanely loud it does have a solid hum that I wish were quieter. All in all, though I love thing and I’m probably giving it to quite a few friends as a gift!

funny amazon sex toy reviews

Adult Dice Game for Couples 2-Pack, 4 Dice Total ($13)    


– “We didn’t like them some of the possible rolls like kiss butt no good”