Get Rid of Stinky,
Smelly Feet

No one wants to endure the funk of your stinky, smelly feet — including you. So follow these simple tips for having sweet-smelling hooves.

By Jon Luman

Lots of guys have stinky, smelly feet. One of the major causes is excessive foot perspiration, which provides a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. When those microorganisms break down, they create a smell powerful enough to clear a room.

The good news is that bromhidrosis — that’s what egghead scientists call the funk wafting up from your dogs — is common and often doesn’t take much effort to remedy. So use these tips to keep your stinky, smelly feet in check.

• Wash your feet daily with an antibacterial soap. Lather the entire foot but be sure to get between each toe.

• Dry your feet thoroughly with a towel instead of letting them air-dry.

• Use a foot powder or an odor-neutralizing spray, which are engineered to keep feet dry. You can also rub non-scented antiperspirant directly onto your feet in the same manner you would your underarms. Just don’t use the same deodorant stick for both activities.

• Wear clean socks made of natural, breathable materials like cotton or wool; they absorb moisture.

• Put your shoes on a rotation to give them adequate time to air out. Wearing the same sneakers daily will trap moisture and odor, causing your foot stink to worsen.

• Instead of shoes, wear sandals outside during warm-weather months, and don’t wear shoes in your house. If you’re too delicate a flower to go without foot coverings in your house in the winter — geez, do you live on Hoth? — suck it up and limit yourself to warm socks.

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