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how to stop aging

How To Stop Aging (Without Awful Surgery)

You don’t need a contract with Satan — or a plastic surgeon — to look like you’ve stopped getting older. You just need these celebrity-approved tips.

7 Great Face Moisturizers For Men

Moisturizing should be a part of your daily routine. Seriously. The best moisturizer for men does triple-duty as moisturizer, sunblock, and anti-aging cream. Oh, and it will make you smell good, too.


6 Tips To Prevent Chafing Down There

Things like new undies and cheap OTC products can help keep a sweaty groin under control, which can lead to less friction and less uncomfortable chafing.


How To Cure Sweaty Palms

Ever leave a layer of moisture on someone’s hand after you shake it? A) Gross. B) Your palmar hyperhidrosis is clearly out of control.


8 Ways To Revamp Your Shaving Routine

Shaving can be a chore for us non-whiskered guys who shave every day or so. New men’s grooming products can help liven things up.