Hot Celebrities Who’ve Been Cheated On

Demi Moore is hardly the only hot celebrity who’s been cheated on. (Okay, allegedly cheated on.) In fact, she’s in some pretty amazing company.

By Kevin S. Koenig

Hot Celebrities Who Have Been Cheated On: Demi MooreWe’re sure you’ve already read and heard plenty about the most important news story of the day: Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s marriage is on the rocks because Kutcher allegedly can’t keep his mitts off of other chicks. But as the world’s financial markets tremble in response — that’s why they’re doing that, right? — we’ve taken the news quite calmly. After all, Demi is hardly the first hot celebrity who’s been cheated on. In fact, she’s joined an extremely distinguished group of ladies who’ve inexplicably had dudes step out on them. The most famous, of course, being …

Hot Women Who Have Been Cheated On

Hot Women Who Have Been Cheated On: Jennifer AnistonJENNIFER ANISTON
Everybody knows Jennifer Aniston had hubby Brad Pitt ripped viciously from her by conniving Angelina Jolie … or however the tabloids choose to retell the story in a given issue. But supposedly there was no cheating involved. Nope, that occurred thanks to cadaverous musician John Mayer, who allegedly cheated on Jen once twice three times — with a groupie, a promoter’s assistant, and a cocktail waitress. Ouch.

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