10 Hot Celebrities Who’ve Been Cheated On

Jennifer Aniston, Sienna Miller, and Denise Richards are all member of an elite club that nobody — hot women in particular — really wants to join.

By Kevin S. Koenig

demi moore

Before he was Mr. Mila Kunas or the bootleg Charlie Sheen on that dumb sitcom, Ashton Kutcher was busy putting his handsome mitts on his wife Demi Moore … and, apparently, a bunch of other women. Things is, Demi is hardly the first hot celebrity who’s been cheated on. If there’s a silver lining about Ashton stepping out on her … before dumping her … and then having to endure the tabloids tell us all about it … it’s that Demi is now part of a distinguished group ladies. The most famous, of course, being …

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