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How To Bowl A Strike

We asked PBA Hall of Famer Parker Bohn III for pointers on how to bowl a strike … or at least how not to completely humiliate yourself at the lanes.

By Camille Lamb

Who doesn’t like bowling? There’s booze, there are sweet-ass shirts, and there’s a (semi-legitimate) claim to doing physical activity. Plus, it’s fun whether you’re with your buddies or with a date … as long as you’re not continually hurling the ball into the gutter. To make sure you’re able to put up at least a couple of Xs whenever you hit the lanes, we asked Professional Bowling Association Hall of Famer and two-time player of the year Parker Bohn III to give us tips on how to bowl strikes.

1. Choose A Heavy Ball
Lighter balls (heh heh) run the risk of deflecting off of the pins instead of rolling through them. “Ninety-five percent of men can roll a 15 or 16 pound ball without a problem, and that’s what I recommend,” Bohn says.

2. Aim At The Arrows, Not At The Pins
The arrows on a bowling lane aren’t there to add flare, they’re there to guide your aim. It makes sense; the arrows are only 15 feet away, whereas the actual pins are 60 feet away. So aim your ball at the center arrow instead of the center pin and you’ll have upped your odds at a strike.