6 Cool Housewarming Gifts Ideas For Guys

These affordable housewarming gifts will make you look super thoughtful — even if you don’t care at all about the party’s host.

By Robin Hilmantel

good housewarming gifts for guys

At one point or another, you’re going to be invited to a housewarming party. And unless you want to look like a selfish asshole who just showed up for the free booze and pigs in a blanket, you’re going to have to bring a good housewarming gift with you to the party.

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But what constitutes a good housewarming gift for a guy depends on things like A) how well you know the person you’re gifting, and B) how much you’re looking to spend. Seeing as the unemployment rate is still hovering near seven percent, we’re guessing you want to save a few pennies. So whether you’re going to a housewarming party of an acquaintance, co-worker, or your girlfriend’s best friend’s friend’s best friend’s bestie guy pal, these housewarming gifts for dudes will do the job.


Housewarming gifts for guys - acquaintance Lucero Three Star Gift Box, Lucero Olive Oil ($32)
The Lucero family has been growing olives for three generations — and their olive oil is known for being some of the best in the U.S. This gift set also comes with one of their balsamic vinegars. Even people who don’t cook will appreciate the gesture and the classy presentation of the bottles. But seriously — what weirdo wouldn’t enjoy a nice set of oil and vinegar?

Housewarming gifts for guys - acquaintance Leather Whiskey Tags, Crate & Barrel ($5 each)
Booze-related housewarming gifts are always appreciated. An acquaintance will appreciate a bottle of whiskey and  one of these sharp-looking leather tags to go along with it.

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Unless that person is a teetotaler. In that case, you’re pretty much screwed. Don’t ask for the tag back directly; that’s classless. But dropping a hint that if the person were to want to give it away it a deserving person, it would go nicely in your liquor cabinet.

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