6 Housewarming Gifts Ideas For Men

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housewarming gifts for guys darts and dartboardDMI Bristle Dartboard in Oak Finish Cabinet($72 @ Amazon.com)

You could go with a retro skeeball machine, Zoltar and Arkeg — all amazing options. This will look cool in your buddy's game room, and you'll get to enjoy the gift when you visit. That's called a win-win, fella.  

Housewarming gifts for guys - good friendFood From His Hometown, Goldbely (varies)

If you can't attend the housewarming party — jerk! — but you still want to play nice with a cool housewarming gift, give your buddy something that tastes like home. On Goldbely, you can have black and white cookies from New York, barbecue from North Carolina, or any other number of gourmet foods shipped anywhere in the country. However, if the guy is from Newark, New Jersey and moves to some flyover state like Nebraska, don't send him some burning tires with ketchup on top. It'll look, smell, and probably taste like home, but it'll also freak out his new neighbors. For more check out Goldbely.com.