6 Ways To Spot A Good Tattoo Artist

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how to choose a good tattoo artist #2. The Service Isn't Just About Tattoos Check Yelp, but don't make a decision based solely on the people who liked the way their design turned out. Art is subjective. Instead, look to see how many customers enjoyed about the atmosphere and service. "If reviews indicate that the artist listened to the person, consulted with them, and made them feel comfortable, then that’s a good overall experience,” Aitchison explains. And once you’ve found a good lead, do some online recon. “Investigate the studio’s online portfolio. You can get a sense for what the artist does, and if it matches what you’re looking for," she adds. #3: They'll Rely On Word of Mouth More Than Ads An inflated marketing budget isn't a sure-fire sign of quality work. “I’m from Chicago, and the guys who were the most vociferous advertisers were usually from the sketchiest shops in town. They were the most expensive. They would hire anyone. And they’d charge outrageous prices, while paying their artists very little because they have to pay for all that advertising.” Aitchison's background is in line with her philosophy. “The studio I used to work at in Chicago,” she begins, “They never advertised anywhere. The reason? Because every artist in that shop was booked up in advance anywhere from a few months to a year. Our advertisements were walking around in the forms of people who were showing off our work.”