How To Clean Gum Off Shoes

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How To Clean Gum Off Shoes In a perfect world, simpletons who spit out their gum where someone is bound to step on it would be given vigorous public beatings. But in reality, there's no punishment for careless gum disposers, and so the innocent continue to step in disgusting wads of the stuff. If you're like us, your initial response is to furiously drag your foot across the ground as you swear vengeance on the dickhead responsible. Unfortunately, that doesn’t get gum off shoes. So the next time you step in gum — and there will be a next time — try one of these easy solutions. Put Your Shoe In The Freezer Put your shoe in a plastic grocery bag, making sure to press the bag firmly against the gum, and then put it in the freezer for about an hour. By that point, the gum should be frozen to the bag, so when you pull the bag off, the gum will come too. Use Peanut Butter We don’t blame you for not wanting to put another gooey substance on your shoe, but it works. Slather the gum in creamy peanut butter and leave it for five minutes. Then take a brush and scrub the peanut butter/gum combo in all directions. Clean off the peanut butter and excess gum by running the bottom of the shoe under cold water and washing off the whole mess.