How to Control Anxiety
Without Drugs

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How to Control Anxiety Naturally


Carbohydrates have a bad rap, but complex ones — slow-metabolism carbs found in foods like brown rice, potatoes, and pasta — contain serotonin, which you're in short supply of when you're stressed. Try turkey and avocado on a whole grain wrap for lunch; avocado contains seratonin and turkey contains the compound phenylaline, which your brain converts to the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine. Also: Blame your nose for you getting the munchies after you smoke weed


Finally a reason to boast about your enormous … brain. Before a high-pressure situation, think about all the things you’re good at. You can even try writing them down on paper. It will feel a little weird, but seeing your positive attributes — maybe you killed it as a presentation or you totally pwned noobz on League of Legends — not only takes your mind off whatever’s going on, but it reminds you that you can learn how to control anxiety, says Christopher Willard, PhD, a psychologist in Harvard Square, MA.