How To Have (Drama-Free)
Sex With An Ex

It really is possible to hook up with an ex without everything going to hell afterwards. How do we know? A very wise woman told us how to do it.

By Robin Hilmantel

No-Drama Post-Breakup Sex with an ex girlfriend

Sex with an ex is great in theory — you know what she likes, she knows what you like, and the fact that you’re pretty sure, deep down, that it’s a bad idea makes the experience all the hotter. Awesome! Thing is, it really does (almost) always turn into a disaster; most experts back that up, as does pretty much any person who’s done it.

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But when the opportunity presents itself, you’re not going to be thinking about that — you’re just going to be psyched to have sex with an ex. And I understand. In fact, I’ll even give you some tips to make it as drama-free as possible.


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