Ways To Make Working Out Less Boring

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TIP #5: HAVE SPECIFIC GOALS Saying you want to lose weight, or look good, or be "mad swole" — some guys seriously talk like that — doesn't really give you much to strive for. Instead, set smaller, specific goals, like saying you're going to add a half-inch to your biceps, tack on 15 pounds to your bench press, or lose one chin. Having something clear to accomplish allows motivation to smother the boredom. TIP #6: TAKE IT OUTSIDE When you're not at risk for frostbite, take your workout outdoors for one workout per week. And not just to bike, hike, inline skate, or parkour around town. Create a bodyweight workout you can do in any park, backyard, or prison yard. Here's a sample routine:
Push-ups 4 / to failure 1 minute
Bear Crawls* 3 / 15-20 yards 1-2 minutes
Bodyweight Squats 4 / 25-35 1 minute
Walking Lunges 4 / 12-15 (each leg) 1 minute
20-yard Sprint 4 1-2 minutes
How To Make The Gym Less Boring*Bear crawls: Drop into a push-up position, with your hips and butt at about the same height as your shoulders — don't round your back. Now, crawl forward without allowing your knees to hit the ground.