How To Make Your Fat Wallet Skinny

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Simple Tips To Slim Your Wallet create a system #2. CREATE A SYSTEM FOR RECEIPTS & NOTES Your wallet is not a filing cabinet. So force yourself out of the habit of cramming your receipts into any vacant slot; instead, file or trash them at the end of the night or, depending how many cocktails you've consumed, in the morning. And while we know the sentimental value of your I, Frankenstein ticket stub is priceless to you, it's not worth the valuable real estate it's occupying in your bifold. Toss it immediately, and the same goes for things like sticky notes, coupons, or business cards for people you said you would but never really planned to contact. simple tips to slim your wallet goth card #3. CARRY ONE CREDIT CARD If Batman can carry one card, so can you. Plus, putting all of your cards in one spot makes life hell if you lose your wallet. Instead, use a card with the best rewards program for every purchase, and reserve the card withe the lowest APR for big-ticket items. Also, leave gift cards out of your wallet. Keep them at home or stashed in your car until you're ready to cash them in. Also: 6 Things You Should Do Before Changing Jobs That said, being choosy with your credit cards doesn't mean you should cut them up and cancel them; leaving them open might be a better idea. A misconception is that the fewer cards you have active the better your credit score will be. Fact is, your credit rating has more to do with how much of your total credit you're using. Ideally, aim to keep all card balances under 15 percent of maximum credit.