How To Play Hooky (And Not Get Busted)

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How To Play Hooky Thirty percent of American workers play hooky at least once a year, according to (We're guessing the actual number is higher.) Interestingly, of those truants, about 1 in 10 call in sick to watch a sporting event. But no matter why you feel like calling in sick even though you are clearly not sick, you need to know how to make your case seem legit. DON’T: OVEREXPLAIN Author E.B. White said that explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog — you’ll learn how it works, but the frog dies in the process. The same holds true for a good excuse; the more intricate you make the lie, the more you have to remember when someone asks you about it. Plus, you start sounding suspicious. So keep it simple and make things easy for you. Also: How To Lie On A Resume DO: CALL IN ON A TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, OR THURSDAY Everyone loves a three-day weekend, but calling out in the middle of the week is less conspicuous. Also, ditching on a Friday makes it seem like you can’t wait to get out of town, and a Monday absence screams “hung over" — especially if it's after a huge drinking Sunday like the Super Bowl, the Oscars, or Easter.