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How To Talk Dirty Without Freaking Her Out

Knowing how to talk dirty makes women think far more highly of your sexual skills. Even better? You’ll avoid sounding creepy and awkward.

By Chloe Anderson

How To Talk Dirty Without Freaking Her Out COMPLIMENT HER ASSETS

You really can’t go wrong if you use your dirty talk to praise her body. Something like, “Your breasts are amazing,” or “Your ass is unbelievable,” or “You taste so good,” or …  well I could keep going forever. There is one rule, however: Make sure the compliment actually applies. Don’t talk about the huge rack of a smaller-chested lady, or the round butt of a woman who’s more pancake than Biel-luptuous. It’ll just make her self-conscious about that body part — and make her think you’re full of sh!t.