Jim Harbaugh vs. John Harbaugh

Super Bowl XLVII Ravens vs. 49ers Are you ready for some football?!? Well, too bad, because you first have to suffer through 96 hours of pre-game coverage before the kickoff to Super Bowl XLVII. And you can expect roughly 80 of those hours to be dedicated to the improbable story of a Superbowl first — two opposing head coaches who are also brothers. (The other 16 hours will be dedicated to images of Ray Lewis dishing out concussions and/or praying. Those brothers, of course, are Jim Harbaugh of the San Francisco 49ers and John Harbaugh or the Baltimore Ravens. Jim famous for his sideline eruptions and rapacious drive to win. John comes across as somewhat less of a maniac — but is clearly just as eager to win. The outcome of this year's Super Bowl between Harbaugh's Niners and Harbaugh's Dirty Birds will be decided in large part by the skill and leadership of these two blood rivals. So which one is gonna come out on top? We broke it down. John HarbaughTOUGHEST NFL DUES PAID John: His eight years as a coach in Philadelphia Jim: His two concussions as a player in Philadelphia Winner: John Jim HarbaughALMA MATER John: Miami University of Ohio Jim: University of Michigan of Michigan Winner: Jim John HarbaughFOOTBALL MENTOR John: His father, Jack Harbaugh Jim: His father, Jack Harbaugh … but Dad loves John more Winner: John John HarbaughIS A DEAD RINGER FOR John: Mel Gibson Jim: John Harbaugh Winner: John PJim HarbaughLAYING EXPERIENCE John: Cornerback for Miami of Ohio Jim: Quarterback for Bears of Chicago, Colts of Indianapolis, Ravens of Baltimore, Chargers of San Diego, and Panthers of Carolina Winner: Jim Jim and John HarbaughFIRST COACHING EXPERIENCE John: Cut film for Western Michigan University Jim: Recruited for a coaching job at Division I-AA Western Kentucky University while still a player in the NFL Winner: Draw Jim HarbaughNICKNAME John: John Jim: Captain Comeback Winner: Jim Jim HarbaughWIKIPEDIA ENTRY LENGTH John: Five taps of the Page Down key Jim: 15 1/2 taps of the Page Down key Winner: Jim John HarbaughSIDELINE DISPOSITION John: Reserved and rational Jim: Like Bobby Knight after doing P90X Winner: John Jim HarbaughBOLD CLAIM John: "Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you." Jim: "I guarantee we will beat Ohio State and go to Pasadena." Winner: Jim Jim Harbaugh The Winner: Jim "Captain Comeback" Harbaugh pulls out yet another last-second victory, beating big brother John by a score of 5-4-1.