5 Lifestyle Changes You Should Make Right Now

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5 Lifestyle Changes You Should Make Right Now We aren't fond of the whole "New Year, new me" slogan. Why should we give up beer on Jan. 1 because it’s fashionable? Especially when we know that — in moderation, of course — beer contains its health benefits. (Coincidentally, so does tripping balls on mushrooms.) The point is, there's never a bad time to start implementing new goals or disciplines into your daily routine. And considering the drop-off rate of those who ditch New Year's goals is about 60 percent, we listed five simple things you can do that'll help you come out on the other end of that figure … #1. Go To Sleep Earlier Your smartphone keeps you linked to work and emails and Tinder at all hours. This makes it all but impossible to get the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep per night. In fact, the blue light from devices actually screws with sleep patterns. Along with shutting them down about 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime, take the advice from Dr Roshini Raj, cofounder of skin care company TULA: hit the sack 15 minutes earlier than you typically would. This will help you get more shut-eye. Next: Read More