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drama free sex with ex girlfriend

How To Have (Drama-Free)
Sex With An Ex

It’s possible to hook up with an ex without everything going to hell afterwards. How do we know? A very wise woman told us how to do it.


7 Rules For Getting Divorced

The end of any marriage has unique issues — but there are a few things everyone should do when getting divorced.

better sex than you

Has She Had Better Sex Than You?

Chances are, yes. According to a poll, most women don’t marry their favorite sexual partner. The good news? You have a chance of changing that.

ali adler how to f*ck a woman book comedy sex

Read This: How To F*ck A Woman

We’re sure you know the gist of sex (if not, oh how our public school system has failed), but Ali Adler’s book How To F*ck A Woman can help up your game.