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5 Surprising Hints She’s A Keeper

Have things gotten serious with your current girlfriend? These five clues might help you determine if she’s a keeper or if you should keep looking.


What’s A Prenup? Ask These Celebrity Couples … 

Considering a prenup? Or are you asking yourself, “What the hell is a prenup?” We’ll answer the latter and provide a handful of famous couples that — for the most part, thankfully — got a prenuptial agreement.


6 Things To Know Before You Get Married

You did the hard part in getting her to say “Yes!”. Let us do the rest with these half-dozen tips to ensure you two will enjoy years of wedded bliss.

drama free sex with ex girlfriend

How To Have (Drama-Free)
Sex With An Ex

It’s possible to hook up with an ex without everything going to hell afterwards. How do we know? A very wise woman told us how to do it.