Michael Ian Black: “The Secret To Becoming A Dad: Impregnate Someone”

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You have nearly 2 million followers on Twitter. Do you put a lot of time into your tweets? There is no creative process. It’s fueled entirely by boredom or procrastination. If something comes into my head, I just write it down and tweet it. Also: Follow Modern Man on Twitter, You Jerks Most guys have to be careful about what we display on social media. Are you concerned at all about pissing people off with your tweets? I think comedians have a lot of latitude in terms of what we can say. If I was the CFO of a corporation, I might consider my Tweets a little more. As a comedian I feel like I can pretty much say anything that I’d normally say and not suffer any consequences. Which is terrific. But even for someone like you who has more leeway, is anything off limits? I don’t think there’s anything that’s off limits. I think that in any comedy there’s a certain kind of consideration that takes place, and I think you need to be smart about what you say and why you say it, but I don’t think there are any topics that are particularly off limits.