The Best Christmas Gifts For Men

The best Christmas gifts for men won’t come from Santa, but they might come from the electronics department.

By Jonathan Hackman

best christmas gifts for menGuys are generally the most difficult to buy Christmas gifts for. They don’t usually walk around telling the people that love them what they want. It’s like putting together a complex puzzle. It takes some detective work, some research and some ingenuity. After you read this, however, your work will be cut down to almost nil as these ideas are the best Christmas gifts men would want.

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The Milwaukee M12 Cordless Multi-Tool Kit is one of the baddest cordless tools on the planet. It sands, it cuts, it grinds and it scours–all without changing tools! It does the work of multiple tools with a high-powered, rechargeable ion battery to get things done once he’s started that project.

The Stuffa Jacket is a must for the guy who travels and hates carrying anything on the road with him. This inventive piece has 12 individual pockets that carry everything from jeans and socks to sweatshirts and underwear. Instead of making him carry four separate bags, this will contain all of his essential clothing items.

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One of the coolest, absolute best Christmas gifts men can receive is one that keeps them occupied. That gift is the Perpetual Rotating Glass Mova Globe. Using the earth’s magnetic field, the globe begins to spin in the exact pattern of the earth. Accompanied by a crystal stand, not only is this gift idea something that he will treasure, but it is an instant conversation-starter whether it is kept at home or on his desk at the office!

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