The Best Concealer for Men

Concealer: Camouflage for the modern day jungle. This list of the best concealer for men has you covered.

By Emily Woodruff

best concealer for menOkay, so a guy wearing concealer seems like a bit…much. But before you write it off completely, you should know that there’s not a TV anchor or male actor that will go in front of the camera without it. And, there’s not a director or producer in all of Hollywood that would allow an actor to skip out on concealer in front of the camera — it makes them look younger (ideal for 30-year-olds playing highschoolers), well-rested (read: not hungover), and virtually flawless (AKA, good for ratings). For movie and TV stars, it’s a necessity. For guys not in front of the camera, it’s a handy tool that can help hide flaws, discolorations, and blemishes, while working wonders for your self confidence. While you should be confident (but discreet) in your choice to wear concealer, no dude wants to carry around women’s makeup brands. We’ve compiled this list of the best concealer for men that also looks manly — so you don’t have to cover up about your cover up.

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