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The Best Gym Bags for Men

Let’s be honest. The gym is just a place for people to judge other people. If you’re worried your bag isn’t up to par, check out our guide for the best gym bags for men.

By Ryan Kameen

best gym bags for men, kellan lutz

There are two places where men spend a majority of their time: the office and the gym. If you’re one of those guys that tosses a towel over his shoulder and heads over to 24-Hour Fitness with iPod in hand, it’s probably time you looked into getting a gym bag. Why? Not only is it a convenient way to carry and protect your belongings, but it’s also a cool excuse to show off your awesome taste in style (and it just might land you a shot at talking to the hot chick on the treadmill next to you). We highlighted some of the best gym bags for men – now it’s up to you to decide which one is right for you.

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