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The Best Men’s Face Cream

Skin care is something no man should skimp on. The best men’s face cream will keep you looking young, fresh, and moisturized, so check out our roundup


best men face creamThe metrosexual movement for men has come and gone, but it left behind some good things in its wake. One of those things is that it introduced proper skincare to men and showed that skincare products weren’t just for women. Having your face peel and flake is not likely to attract people…at least not the ones worth attracting. Here are a few examples of the best men’s face cream on the market right now.

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Kiehl’s makes a wide range of facial moisturizers for men. Their Facial Fuel Anti-Wrinkle Cream ($36.00) is great for men worried about showing their age a little too soon in life. The basic Facial Fuel ($25.00) is designed for any man, and helps revitalize weathered skin.

Neutrogena is a household name and they provide excellent products across the board. The Neutrogena Triple Protect Face Lotion for Men ($6.99) is inexpensive and includes some SPF protection. They also have something for men concerned with looking like the crypt keeper – their Age Fighter Face Moisturizer ($14.99).

Find the best men’s face cream that your skin does not react negatively to. Do some research to determine what works best for oily skin or dry skin. The best men’s face cream will be lightweight, fragrance-free, and preferably contain some SPF.

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