The Best Places for a First Date

It’s a first date, not rocket science. Keep these suggestion in mind when coming up with the best places for a first date, and the second date will be a sure thing

By Jonathan Hackman

best places for a first dateMen have been asking ladies on dates since the dawn of time. Figuring out where to take a young lady on a first date isn’t a scientific formula or even as complicated as string theory. The best places for a first date are easy to choose from and pretty affordable.

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The purpose of a first date is to spend time together and learn about each other. First dates are an exercise in mental checklists, preparing for a possible second date or more. The site for these first dates should be a place that both of you can be yourselves and comfortable.

A classic place for a first date is the movies. Selecting something that will keep you awake but not gross her out is important. Try a light comedy, with nothing too vulgar or offending. Definitely offer to let her pick the movie, but provide some suggestions if she seems at a loss. This will be a comfortable environment because there’s time for chit-chatting before and after, but something to focus your attention on for most of the date. If you’re looking to get to know her a little better, suggest drinks nearby afterward.

One of the best places for a first date is a ball game — that is, if she likes sports, or even seems remotely interested. Even if she’s not a die-hard sports fan, a professional sporting event can be exciting, and it’ll be fun for you to show off your sports trivia knowledge.

For an off-the-beaten-path first date, try something fun like a painting class (many places allow you to bring your own wine and snacks to munch on) or a cheese and wine tasting.

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