The Best Bar Soap For Men

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best bar soaps for men

Truth be told, our go-to is usually body wash. But sometimes, especially when seasons change of season or when we’re looking to switch things up, we’ll opt for a bar soap. What we’re looking for from our bar soap isn’t all that complex — a product that softens skin, removes dirt, cleans us up in specific areas (don’t make us spell it out for you), and leaves us smelling a billion times better than we did before we stepped into the shower.

If it causes skin dry and flaky after we dry off, in the garbage the soap shall go. We’re not sticklers about whether it’s natural or not, but for those who are, we added some in our roundup of the best bar soaps we’ve come across. Enjoy, stinky.
best bar soaps for men sandalwood

If your skin is sensitive you need to pay extra attention to what you’re washing with. Your face will look all rosacea and you sack will look … well, uninviting to women, that’s for sure. Mistral Sandalwood Bamboo Bar Soap ($10 @ is 100 percent pure vegetable soap that won’t leave your skin feeling dry or scaly.

The shea butter, white coffee and green ginseng will keep you moist, while subtle scents like oak moss, classic scent, orange amber, lime basil, and spice citrus will keep you smelling fresh and B.O.-free.

adovia mud soap best soaps for menDead Sea Salt Soap($9 @ from Adovia uses — you guessed it — sea salt to hydrate and moisturize skin. Translation: less dry, flaky, itchy skin. The addition of bromide both relaxes and smooths skin, while sodium, calcium, and magnesium work to improve skin metabolism, protect, and enhance your skin.