The Hidden Value of Cheesy Pickup Lines for Guys

When it comes to hot girls, cheesy pickup lines for guys can be the gateway to conversation…just make sure your delivery is charming.

By Jonathan Hackman

cheesy pick up lines for guysSometimes, when you are trying to meet a girl, a pickup line is your best option. Even cheesy pickup lines for guys can have a lot of value as long as you deliver them in a way that shows that you know that they are cheesy. Show that girl that you are not trying to be serious but are just trying to make her laugh while giving her a compliment. If you do this, any pickup line can be successful at starting a conversation.

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Some guys’ cheesy pickup lines are made up on the spot, but the best ones are those that have been tried out before; this way, you know she will recognize the line and get the joke. For instance, you could start by asking her if her feet hurt. When she wants to know why you asked, tell her that you thought she might have hurt them when she fell from heaven since she’s obviously an angel.

Another solid line starts out by asking her if she has a library card. Before she has a chance to answer, you tell her that you asked because you are checking her out. This is a simple pun, but it is also a compliment, so you are sure to at least get a smile out of her.

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Remember, the point of these lines is not to establish yourself as the most original person she has ever met. You are just trying to break the ice. Even cheesy pickup lines for guys are able to get the ball rolling.

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