Lose the Weight: Exercise Programs for Men

Sure, strength training is great, but if you want to lose weight fast, look into these two exercise programs for men that will get you results

By Jonathan Hackman

exercise programs for menIf you’ve been trying to lose that beer belly that’s been hanging around since your last year of college, you may be doing the wrong type of workout. While weight lifting exercises and long distance running serve specific purposes, losing weight is an entirely different matter that requires a balanced approach. Exercise programs for men must combine a variety of different exercises, and concentrating on one type of workout isn’t going to cut it.

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CrossFit combines a variety of cardio-based exercises, weight training exercises and calisthenics to produce the best results possible. CrossFit is currently used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world and has been proven to work. As one of the best exercise programs for men, CrossFit has been endorsed by top athletes and fitness enthusiasts and is currently being used by the United States Military.

Another great program is TRX, which is essentially a suspension training program. Users perform their workouts by using two handles and a rope that are bolted to the ceiling. This unique program uses the weight of a person’s body to complete every exercise. While instructional DVDs and equipment can be purchased online, the best results will most likely come from using a certified trainer.

These two exercise programs for men produce great results because of the way they were designed. Men who use these programs to lose weight sweat profusely during the entire hour. Break periods normally don’t last for more than a minute, and instructors require every participant to continually move throughout the training period. Keeping up your heart rate during the entire hour is an essential part of any great weight loss program, even a personalized one designed by a personal trainer that incorporates the basic principles of CrossFit or TRX.

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