How To Find A New Career

8 Networking Tips For Job Seekers be surgical
Do you want to learn how to find a new career? If you go to work with a pit in your stomach and leave with a migraine, odds are the answer is a resounding YES. So, if 6 Ways To Be Happy Without Meds at your present job or in your current line of work, it may be time to find something more suited to your skill set. Here are tips for how you can do that …

Treat Your Search Like A Job
Whether you have a job or you’re holding down the couch, your job search must be a huge part of your new daily routine. And don’t limit yourself to common online announcements. Think about the companies you’ll like to work in and then write them down. One by one, go through and see if you know anyone there via LinkedIn. Also, follow the company on social media to keep up with what they’re doing. Know their business and their product.

Keep tabs on the applications you submitted with a Google Doc. or an organizing tool like Jibber Jobber or StartWire.

Talk To Everyone
You’d be surprised how often successful entrepreneurs or businesspeople will answer a cold email when you ask for their time. Suggest coffee or going to their office for a meetup and make sure you get across that all you’re looking for is advice from people who have become successful. You’ll play to their ego and, hopefully, get yourself an intro. From there, study up and come armed with a plan and plenty of questions.

Network The Hell Out Of Everyone
This includes hitting up friends, family, old college buddies, and anyone with a goddam email address that has a connection to the industry you want to work in. Don’t be ashamed — the worst they can say is “No way, asshole.” The upside? Someone knows someone who knows someone. Plus, it’s a good excuse to hit up old friends. Just be sure not to come across as a greedy or selfish prick who only reaches out when he’s in need. It’s a tough line to toe, so be cognizant of it.

Update Your Social Media Pics and Info
We hope us advising you to remove (or at least make private) all photos or vids of you getting shitfaced with your buddies makes you roll your eyes. Even so, update your profile pics so you’re looking presentable and hirable. Once you get the job you can go back to doing whatever you want, but if you apply for a gig and they’re considering you, chances are someone is going to Google you. When they do, show ’em your best side.

Rewrite Every Cover Letter
If you’re applying for a job don’t just mass email the same cover letter. Make it specific to the business or company you’re trying to join. They don’t want you to be general and talk about what a go-getter you are — they have 100 other go-getters waiting to get a foot in the door. Allow your personality to come through while you’re explaining why the hell you’re the man for the job. After all, you are the man for the job, right?

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