The Latest Hair Styles for Men

Trying to keep up with the times is an ongoing challenge, but one of the easiest ways to change your look is to cut your hair. Try one of the latest hair styles for men, and if you’re not happy with the new ‘do, the good news is that hair grows back.

By Jonathan Hackman

latest hair styles for menThe trendy look for men in 2013 is texture. The popular haircut for men is longer this year. Choppy layers will add versatility and texture to the medium cut as you grow out your hair to get ready for the hottest designs. Once the stylist layers the hair, play with the look and experiment with products for styles running from tousled casual to elegant. These latest hair styles for men can eliminate the possibility that you will get bored with your hairstyle. Consult your stylist for ways to transform your look by using products to vary the appearance of your new, sexy cut.

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For a neat look for the office or elegance for the special evening, use styling gel and backcomb the hair or comb it to the side. For a relaxed and casual look, use a texturizer for a rumpled look.

For those who don’t like the feel of longer hair tickling the neck, stay trendy with an updated undercut. Go ahead and have the hair cut as short as you find suitable in the back and on the sides. Leave the crown longer. The same styling tricks can be used so that you fit right in with the hot new hair designs for men.

The latest hair styles for men with curly hair are also longer this year. Don’t cut off the sexy curls. Layered or blunt cuts, depending on your hair type, can be low maintenance. Just towel the hair after washing. Style the trendy curls with the fingers and a small dab of texturizer.

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