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Sexual Pick Up Lines: Use At Your Own Risk

While these sexual pick up lines may not get you laid, they’ll definitely get a girl’s attention.


sexual pickup lines, slapNavigating the bar scene is a lot like jockeying for water on the Serengeti: It’s competitive, it’s dynamic, it demands adaptation, and do the wrong thing and you’re liable to be eaten by a crocodile. The “crock” in this case just happens to be a well-placed slap.

Using sexual pick up lines on women is a risky venture but one that does guarantee a response. We can’t predict what she’ll do, but be on the defense: She’s likely got a backhand holstered. Use the following lines with tact and maybe you’ll be getting into that oasis yet. If nothing else, you’ll have plenty to contribute when the question “do you know any sexual pickup lines?” comes up in conversation with the bros…

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