The Best Bachelor Party Ideas

We’ve got the best bachelor party ideas to send the groom off in a way that’ll have your buddies talking for years

By Jonathan Hackman

best bachelor party ideasWhen planning a bachelor party, you want to send your buddy off in a way that everyone will be talking about for years. The best bachelor party ideas are ones that keep the interests of the groom in mind, but hopefully allow for everyone else to have fun, too.

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Taking a weekend trip with the guys is one of the best bachelor party ideas that you can try. If the bachelor loves fishing, then a long weekend of fishing might be in order. If he loves the beach, then a weekend at the beach with the groomsmen may be fun. You don’t always have to plan a weekend in Las Vegas in order to have a successful bachelor party.

In order to plan a serious party, you will need to know your groom well. Is he a gamer, or he is more of a business man? If he’s a gamer, you could plan a game tournament in his honor and spend the entire evening playing video games, eating awesome snacks, and drinking. If the groom is an avid golfer, you may want to start the party in the afternoon for a game of golf and then go out for drinks during the evening.

Knowing what the groom likes and dislikes goes a long way towards planning the perfect bachelor party. Be sure and ask him before you plan the party if there is anything that is out of bounds. This is the easiest way to have a good time and stay out of trouble.

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