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The Best Hats for Men

Hats can cover a multitude of flaws – most of them to do with bad or lazy hair choices. The best hats for men will not only cover up an awful hair cut (or an awful wait between hair cuts), they will also make you look good.


the best hats for menNothing says style like a classic hat. Whether you’re searching for a sports cap, need a casual summer fedora or want to hit the slopes with the best performance beanies, we’ve got the line on the best hats for men.

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Every hat collection needs a variety of caps and snapbacks. If you’re looking for something to wear during a workout, try the Nike Dri-Fit options. These featherweight hats feature technology designed to keep you cool. Prefer to watch a sports game rather than play it? Grab a few of the Polo Ralph Lauren sports caps in white, black, tan and denim-blue. You’ll wear them everywhere, and the Polo logo is always in style.

Of course, sometimes you need something a little warmer. If you’re hitting the slopes — or shoveling the car out of a blizzard — check out The North Face fleece beanies. They’ll keep your head and ears warm no matter how low the temperature goes, and they’re made out of sustainable polyester for eco-conscious customers.


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Need a more formal option? Fedoras are the best hats for men who want to dress up an outfit. Choose from Tommy Bahama’s straw or braided-paper options, or go extra-classy with the American Rag Banded Khaki Linen fedora. You can even toe the line between formal and casual with a stately driving cap; brands like Brixton, Goorin Brothers and Stetson make the most popular versions, but you’ll also find some great options from Ted Baker London, New Era and Wigens.