Unusual First Date Ideas

unusual first date ideasSo, you’ve landed a date with someone amazing, and you want to show them that you’re an exciting kind of guy. While dinner and a movie are nice, that’s all they are, so consider some unusual first date ideas to get you started.

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Forget wine tasting, how about tequila tasting? Some tequila bars offer monthly tastings for you to swirl around the agave plant-based liquid and get a little tipsy. Take her for tacos after for a Mexican-themed evening.

When your date is the outdoorsy type, take her on an easy kayaking trip. A kayak built for two lets you navigate the rapids and get close and comfy with each other. This is perfect if you want to show off how fit you are and how much outdoor fun the two of you can have together!

If she’s got a competitive streak, try taking her paintballing. Show off your playful side and really get into it, but don’t be too competitive, as this is supposed to be a fun activity. To up the ante, make a bet over who takes the most hits. This is a date you’ll definitely both enjoy, and the exercise will get your endorphins flowing.

Unusual first date ideas can run the gamut from sweet and silly to darkly intriguing. Consider your date and where you can take her!

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