How to Create a Weekly Workout Plan for Men

There’s not one magical workout that works for every man. When you’re trying to put together a weekly workout plan for men, consider these tips

By Jonathan Hackman

weekly workout plan for menFinding a weekly workout plan for men can seem like a daunting task. Practically every week, advertisements for new workout systems are released on the market. Some require the purchase of weights or special equipment while others are physically intense. However, workouts are not a “one-size-fits-all” product. Each man has his own body size, type and metabolism. The following steps can help anyone find the right workout.

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Step 1: Define the desired activity
Each man has muscle that can be defined and shaped by proper exercise. Some men want to build muscles for competitions such as bodybuilding. Other sports require muscles that have both strength and endurance, such as professional wrestling or football. Sports is not the only reason for defining or building muscle. Some men simply want to look great; others appreciate the lasting glances from ladies.

Step 2: Personality is a factor
Not everyone wants to go to a gym three to five times a week or work out at home. Each man should decide whether he wants to be surrounded by others who could provide encouragement or work out in private. A weekly workout plan for men can combine working in the gym and at home.

Step 3: Switch up your routine
Select exercises and routines that provide you with the best workout for your desired look. Since muscles become accustomed to the same movements over and over, they will hit a plateau. Adding alternative exercises to work the same muscles a different way will prevent this from happening. The best workouts address this issue.

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