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What is Manscaping?

What is manscaping all about? Check out this guide to the modern man and his newly revolutionized grooming routine

By Jonathan Hackman

what is manscapingIn recent years, manscaping has become de rigueur for discerning members of the male sex. Once the province of porn stars and models, the practice has gone mainstream in a big way — with many young men begin learning how to manscape as soon as they’re old enough to grow body hair and continue the practice through adulthood. You may find yourself wondering: what does it mean to “manscape”? Although the word itself is a a bit of a mouthful, it belies a startlingly simple concept within male grooming — the practice of shaving, trimming or waxing excess body hair. Now, the important question: Where does manscaping apply? To answer, we’ve put together a guide of where to manscape (and what is off limits), as well as some manscaping tips.