Where to Meet Rich Women

Ready to lock down the wealthy woman of your dreams? Aren’t we all. Meeting a woman who’s wealthy takes some strategy, so check out these tips to figure out where to meet rich women

By Jonathan Hackman

where to meet rich womenWhether you’re looking for a sugar mama or you simply want a woman who can keep up with you in terms of finances, dating a wealthy woman certainly sounds nice. However, if there were attractive, rich women in ample supply, everyone would be with one, which is certainly not the case. In order to find out where to meet rich women, you’ve got to do a little research.

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If she’s rich on her own terms, it might be hard to figure out where she’s hanging out, because she’s likely working most of the time. Try joining an exclusive gym – that way, you’ll know she can has a significant amount of disposable income, and she’s probably in pretty good shape. High end spas are another place rich women might hang out, but these ladies are more likely to be more mature and previously married if they have time to go to the spa during the day.

Rich women, especially cultured ones, spend a lot of time at art events. Pick a high-brow art that you like, whether it is visual art, dance or theater, and get involved. Go to openings and join in discussions. As long as you can avoid sounding too pompous, you’ll be fine.

One of the best tips for where to meet rich women is to hang out with other rich people. Usually there is an elite tier within a community consisting of families who make a certain income. Insert yourself into their circle, and they may invite you to some of the events they attend or host. This is a great way to make yourself seem reputable and in the “in” crowd.

If you’ve tried it all and still can’t figure out where to meet rich women, don’t give up hope. There are a number of websites that cater to men and women exclusively interested in millionaires. Try millionairematch.com if you’re willing to be frank about your preferences when it comes to a girl’s financial stability.

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