More Better Stinkiness: Lacoste Live Cologne

In our ongoing effort to help you smell more like a guy and less like an unbathed orangutan, we’d like to put Lacoste Live on your radar.

By Katrina Foss

lacoste live review cologne

The creative minds at Lacoste have created Lacoste Live ($42-$70) a new fragrance they say has stuffed “energy, creativity, and a cool edge” into a bottle. We’re not refined enough to know what the hell that’s supposed to mean, but to us their new cologne has a fresh, light, and crisp fragrance. Read: It smells pretty damn good and about two billion times better than any body spray on the market.

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Expect to catch a whiff of notes from green leaves, lime, saffron, licorice, and sandalwood. Keep in mind that a small spritz goes a long way. So be careful or you’ll easily overdo it and ruin the whole “cool edge” they’re attempting to provide. On a side note, the bottle is cool looking and would look decent on your dresser. That of course does nothing to help you smell less like a pile of soiled jock straps, but it’s something positive to discuss. And we’re positive people.

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